Giovanni Tagliavini

Giovanni Linkedin       Giovanni Tagliavini MD, PhD

Giovanni is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and trainer with a special interest in the field of complex trauma and dissociative disorders.
During his residency years (1993-1997) at the University of Pavia he has been one of the founders of EOS, the first psychotraumatological center in Italy devoted to disaster psychiatry and psychosocial interventions for communities hit by catastrophes.
The work with large groups has been followed by a closer interest in the individual and family dynamics of complex traumatization in case of early abuse and neglect, and its outcomes on adult health.
This interest brought him to follow the (re)discovery of Pierre Janet’s work and the new ideas linking dissociation and trauma, especially the theory of structural dissociation by Onno van der Hart, Ellert Nijenhuis, and Kathy Steele.
He translated  several books on these topics into italian and has a specific interest in linking different psychotherapeutic traditions (especially psychodinamic, cognitive & attachment-based) for the treatment of complex trauma, together with body-oriented approaches, like sensorimotor psychotherapy.
He regularly teaches nationally and internationally on these topics.
In 2013 he has been elected board member of the European Society  for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD).

Workshop on Friday, 12th September Dissociative Identity Disorder: Directions and Pitfalls in Understanding the Complexity of Traumatization

Giovani will also have a presentation on Friday morning, 12th September, during the Symposium organized by Timisoara Psychiatric Association – Trauma and Dissociation: a spectrum of disorders, from PTSD to DID.